Employment Advice for Students, Graduates and Interns of Architecture

As a Geelong-based studio, we regularly receive employment applications seeking Internships or Student/Graduate roles.

Although we take great care in reviewing each application, it is not always possible to provide applicants with immediate or personalised feedback. Therefore, we thought we would share a few thoughts on what has worked for us in the past, and what we look out for today…

  • Make your family/peers aware that you are looking for work. Even a small connection might be enough. (It’s said that there are 6-degrees of separation between you and anyone else on the planet.)
  • Your CV/Portfolio should share the design studios tastes. Design is a form of language, it helps to be on the same page. 
  • Your CV/Portfolio should be a compressed  pdf. External links are cumbersome to retrieve and store for later reference.
  • Applications via email are usually preferable. Check studio contact/employments pages for any alternative preferences.
  • BIM Software proficiency is a highly desirable skill. Microsoft Office not so much.
  • Include samples of your best work. Portfolios reveal your software proficiency, design sensibilities and care.
  • Include a photo of yourself. This is a contentious suggestion, but it really does help to put a face to the name. You are a person, not just a set of skills.
  • Include a brief cover letter outlining what attracts you to the studio - I.e. work, culture or ideas.
  • Don’t rule yourself out because you don’t have ‘experience. However, also be wary of of exaggerating what you might ‘bring-to-the-table’. 
  • If you are unsuccessful, continue to develop your skills, and update your CV/Portfolio accordingly.
  • Be patient.  Employment is primarily a commercial arrangement, but always put your best foot forward to stand out amongst the rest.

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